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Description of Drogheda Grammar School

Drogheda Grammar School has been providing a first class education to local, national, and international students for over three hundred and forty years.
The majority of the school's most recent graduates have gone on to national and international universities and colleges for further education.
The school also provides a wide range of extra curricular activities and has extensive sports facilities which include rugby, hockey & soccer pitches, as well as badminton courts & tennis courts.
Students also enjoy debating and have a choir. Academically, the school teaches a variety of subjects for both the Junior Certificate examinations, taken at the end of the third year of school, and the Leaving Certificate, taken at the end of the sixth and final year of school. The subjects include: English, Irish, Mathematics, French, German, the Science subjects, Art, Music and much more.
In their fourth year, called Transition Year as it is the year where students become senior students and see their subjects become more specific, the students have an opportunity to study Italian.

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